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Continuing Education

The way we learn changes as we move through the various stages of life.


The Continuing Education program at Columbia Bible College offers non-credit courses and seminars for those who desire a quality Christian education. This program is ideal for anyone seeking to enrich their knowledge of the Bible through courses taught by highly qualified Christian professors and ministry practitioners from across North America. Whatever stage of life you are in, we hope that you will find these courses beneficial as you discover new and practical applications for the Bible in your life. Columbia offers a variety of continuing education opportunities including evening classes and day seminars.




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Conferences, Workshops & Seminars


EC Keynote

Keynote Speaker:
Erin Switzer
Certified Clinical Counsellor

Reaching Out: Helping Children Thrive in an Anxious World

This yearly event equips professionals who teach and care for children - including early childhood educators, elementary-school teachers, teaching & special education assistants, and children's ministry educators. It also provides support and help to parents. The conference is worth 8 hours of credit toward re-certification for those requiring it. Exhibits and displays of products and materials will be available for viewing and purchase during the conference.

   November 5, 2016

  Saturday, 8AM - 4:15PM

  90 (Individual)
Includes lunch

  85 (Groups of 3 or more)
Includes lunch. Note that reg. fees increase by $10 per person after October 26.

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