The Metzger Collection

The Metzger Collection


Bringing the biblical past to LIFE.



There's a incredible difference between reading a play and seeing it acted out - complete with props, sets, and costumes.  The same holds true for the biblical text. The Metzger Collection connects our past to the biblical story and brings it alive.  Stand in front of Caesar Tiberius.  Take a look at an Egyptian ruler that measures in cubits. Discover why the lamps of the Ten Virgins in Jesus' parable might have run out of oil (Hint: they're not big!)

 The Metzger Collection was the work of a lifetime for Rev. Dr. Frederick Metzger.  After touring Israel in 1967, Rev. Metzger began to collect museum-quality replicas of artwork and artifacts.  Over the years, his collection grew to include over 1200 pieces. What unites the collection is Metzger's passion for showing how the Bible intersects with culture and history.  

In 2012, Columbia Bible College became owners of the collection, fulfilling Rev. Metzger's dream of having a permanent home for the items where they could be enjoyed by all.  The college is grateful for this generous gift and prays that the collection will educate, inspire, and enlighten all who visit.


The Metzger Film

What will you uncover?


We're so excited about The Metzger Collection coming to Columbia that we made a little film for you. Enjoy!


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Queen Nefertiti

The Metzger Collection


The only collection of its kind, the Metzger Collection includes over 1200 museum-quality replicas of artifacts and artwork from around the world. A fascinating window into the biblical story, the Collection takes visitors on a chronological journey through history and civilizations.


Rev. Fred Metzger

The Rev. Dr. Fred Metzger


Rev. Metzger was a pastor and missionary who has been honoured for his work in protecting Jews in Nazi-era Hungary and assisting Hungarian refugees in emigrating to Canada. An avid collector of artifacts and artwork, Rev. Metzger scoured the museums of the world looking for pieces that connect to the biblical story and then brought them home to Vancouver.

Fun fact: children visiting Rev. Metzger's house enjoyed dressing up his statues with hats!


Visitor to Metzger Collection

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Wednesday & Friday & 2nd Saturday of the Month
11 am - 4 pm
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Free admission during regular operating hours



Columbia Bible College
Resource Centre, Basement Level
2940 Clearbrook Rd, Abbotsford